Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Does the government really exist?


L. said...

I've just found your site via Strike the Root, and I have to say that I am laready blown away. Currently I am at 12:49 in this video, and it is safe to say my mind is thoroughly blown.

I've also taken a quick scan of your articles, and I have to say I can't wait to dive in.

I'm an atheist, anarchist and resident of Canada as well, if you care to know.

L. said...

Okay, just finished it.


Charles Anthony said...

Permit me to play the devil's advocate.

Government may not exist in a physical sense. Aggreed. However, I do not think the physical existence of government is much of a problem.
Just because "government" is solely a meta-physical concept, people may still voluntarily support government agents and voluntarily participate in government actions.

I do not like this issue because it seems like preaching to the choir -- to continue the analogies with religion. Statists can hear "Government does not exist as a physical entity!" and can simply say "Yes, we know that but we are not pretending otherwise."

Anonymous said...

The real world out there is an idea in your mind. And it is a collective belief, a collective delusion?