Monday, May 04, 2009

True News 37: Mainstream Anarchism!

A statement on a mainstream news show makes me drop my Cheerios... :o


Ryan said...

LOL...never thought I'd hear that aired. Great post!

Dabooda said...

You're getting silly, Stef. I found your video posted on a blog at the Daily Paul. My reply was as follows:

Stef being silly.(headline)
On May 10th, 2009 dabooda says:

"Stef overdoes it, and draws an illogical conclusion. The lawsuit does not respect the anarchist position, it only reaffirms the government's power to be capricious and corrupt. The Ecuadoran government is not being sued here, only the US oil company. I guess the Ecuadoran government is willing to allow the lawsuit, if they think they can milk some money out of the deal. If they had any respect for contracts, they would have dismissed it right away -- since they do not, we need to ask WHY they did not. Stef thinks it is because Ecuador recognizes individualist anarchism as a valid principle. Obviously not. They only recognize their own political power to extort anybody under their political control for any reason whatsoever, no matter how specious the rationale. Stef is a bright guy, and I'm pretty sure he knows what's really going on. He's just playful."

Apropos, I would further offer an original epigram: No contract is sacrosanct if a government must enforce it.