Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sex, Playas and Single Moms - Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, 21 October 2012

Introduction - Review of Libertopia and the Liberty Cruise: 0:00
How to Tell If Someone Is Manipulating You: 3:25
The Emotional Difference between Abuse and Accidents: 25:50
What To Do If You See a Child Being Abused: 50:00
Why Playing It Cool with Women Is a Bad Idea 57:25
Why 'Rights' Are the Secular Equivalent of 'Faith' 1:35:10
The Morality of Economic Boycotting: 1:46:00
Masculinity, Fatherlessness and Russian Rape (a dream) 1:54:00
Outro; Thanks and a Documentary Update: 2:21:17

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