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Remembrance Day

I wonder what the dead of war would say, if they stayed past their demise, and wheeled around the fading battlefield like invisible kites of regret. I wonder what they would say - the hundreds of millions slaughtered by swords and bombs and guns, vaporized into shadows on broken walls, ground into jam beneath the curled feet of tanks - I wonder what they would say to us? I wonder what they said to themselves, in their last moments, before their eyeballs bled from the crushing weight of war descending upon their lives.

I wonder if all the words that herded them like bitter vacant shepherds off the cliff edge of death - I wonder if those words evaporated just before their lives did? All the words like - patriotism, nationalism, religion, country... soldier. I wonder if all of the words that wrapped around them like a strangling anaconda mummy tape flew away from them before they died, and revealed only the sand - the dead sand - of nonexistence. I wonder if they realized, just before they died, that they were going to go the way of the words that led them to their graves, the words that did not exist, that made them not exist... The countries that do not exist, the patriotism - that is to live on bended knee to violent masters - the class that does not exist, that led them to lay down their lives for nothing, for rulers emptier than the words that hung them. And I wonder what they would say, if they could still fly above the ruin of the world that smashed them - and that they smashed… I wonder what they would say, as they saw all of these ghastly, deadly, empty, strangling words - still roaming the human landscape, still slithering like spindly, spiderly snakes through the books and teachers and priests and parents and lies and media and print of this world… The words like, ‘honor’ - the words like: ‘medal’ - the words, not that they had been ground out by the empty illusions of their elders, but that they had ‘fallen,’ like a toppling domino that was a human being...

I wonder what they would think of the music played for the dead, who died from words… I wonder what they would think of the tears of the people who stood by their graves; the tears of those whose agony at their loss went as deep and as wide as a bloody ocean. I wonder what they would think of the tears of the people who cried their graves, the people who did not move heaven and earth to stop them from going and marching and falling into the whirling blades of warring death.

I wonder what they would think of those who sobbed at their passing, but did not stop their journey to their end, that did not throw themselves in front of this train of death that scoops and sweeps and grinds and sprays over the bodies of all those it runs into, and over…

And I wonder what these billions of ghosts would say to the young, whose hearts and minds and bodies are currently gripped in the talons of these empty, dead, dying, murdering, cancerous words… The young who are snatched from the dead classrooms of State propaganda, and the dead pews of religious praise for the dead and the dying and the killing and the murdering… To the young held aloft and carried aloft in the steely and stealing talons of these empty words, being carried high above the lands that they're supposed to be ‘protecting’ - but that no one is invading – and, in the name of ‘defense,’ being carried thousands and thousands of miles across oceans, across frightened white upturned faces, and being dropped from these great heights, to fall like dead drones onto houses, onto hospitals, onto electricity plants, onto useless sand - but most of all, onto people - because these dead words carry live people and drop them to merge in a horrible embrace with victims of mass murder. I wonder what they would say to those being carried off by these words and dropped on the innocent…

And I wonder - I think most of all - what these ghosts - who learned too late what it is to die by words, to be slashed by syllables, to be murdered by mouths - what they would say to those of us who still continue to praise this murder, to salute this savagery, to stand stiff before these slumping corpses, to cheer these deaths - and to continue to mouth these empty phrases – ‘national defense,’ the ‘war on terror,’ ‘patriot acts,’ ‘protection,’ ‘honor,’ the ‘fallen,’ the ‘brave,’ the ‘few’…

Because it is these words that we mouth - these words that we loose from our throats - that fly into the air and fasten their fangs and their talons onto the mouths and the lives of the young. and block their air, and block their future, and hack and slash their potential, and return them to us in a box, or a wheelchair, or crutches, or blind, or shattered in spirit - to become a repetition of war in the home, in brutality against children, in brutality against those they have every right to be enraged at - those who cheered them on their way to murder, and to be murdered…

The war always comes home.

And we should use our lips to kiss the young, to sing with the young - not to fasten our lips upon the young and breathe into them these words like a carcinogen smoke that will hurl them aloft, hurl them overseas, hurl them to death - or sometimes, a fate worse than death…

The only value of Remembrance Day should be that it remembers war… Remembers that which is past, remembers that which is history, remembers that which is gone, remembers that which has been scrubbed clean from human life, from the world, from our experience as a species.

The fundamental problem with Remembrance Day is that it does not force us to remember war - because war is still with us.

Remembrance Day should be a glance backwards at a door to a chamber of horrors that we have closed and sealed - not a glimpse across the world to see it continuing, seemingly forever.

Let us make war a thing that we only remember, not something that seems to always and forever murder memory.

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Beautiful Freedom

Answers to common questions about a truly free society.

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Stefan Molyneux on TV: Will Obama's jobs plan put Americans to work?

The US has been going through rough economic times and many are looking at solutions from the past to get the country out of this downward spiral. Seventy-five years ago, the Hoover dam was created by a federal program to help put Americans to work and also produce energy. Many Americans expect President Obama to do something similar when he unveils his jobs plan. Stefan Molyneux, host of FreeDomain Radio, tells us if a plan like this is possible or even feasible.

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True News: Condemning the British Rioters!

Do you think that even people from disadvantaged households are fully morally responsible for their actions? Very well, you must accept this as well... From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show in the world --

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True News: The British Riots

The economic, political and social realities behind the rebellion of youth which cannot be resisted. From Freedomain Radio, the Largest and Most Popular Philosophy Show on the Web -- http://www.Freedomainradio.Com

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Stefan Molyneux on TV: 'I Love the Budget Compromise!'

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, explains to Adam Kokesh on Adam Versus the Man, why he would French kiss the budget compromise bill if he could...

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The Short, Unhappy Lives of Fiat Currencies

The average life expectancy of a fiat currency is only 27 years -- from Freedomain Radio, source available at

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True News: Don't Be Fooled by the Debt 'Solution' Delusion!

Jeff Berwick, the Dollar Vigilante, joins Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, for a rousing discussion of the recent deficit reduction "solution" put forward by Congress, plus the worst comic book Hero ever, the Super Congress!

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Philosophy Unleashed - Liberty Fest Questions and Answers!

Is there an afterlife? What is goodness? How will peace be achieved?

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, takes challenging philosophy questions from brilliant participants at the forum, in anticipation of Liberty Fest Two --

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U.S. is Losing Economic Cold War with China Sign up for your weekly Conversation with Casey.

This week Stefan Molyneux (our video host) interviews Casey Research Chief Economist Bud Conrad on the current state of the U.S. and global economy, with a specific emphasis on investment implications.

Bud has a more bearish view on nuclear power than Casey Energy Strategist Marin Katusa, so we'll have to interview him soon as well. It's okay that their opinions differ; creative thinking can't occur where different views are not allowed. And Bud's basic analysis is highly consistent with the way Doug himself views things -- which is, in technical economic terms, "pretty darned scary."

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"WE ARE STILL HERE!" 2011 Porcupine Freedom Festival - Stefan Molyneux

Do you guys want a short speech? I mean I know it's kind of late, I can either do it tonight or I can do it for the closing ceremony...

Speech? Speech? OK, all right... This is the first I've done a speech with a bit of alcohol in me, so let's see how it goes. I feel - I feel loose, babies!

All right - so one of the things that I’ve felt my whole life is that - gratitude from the culture that we live in can sometimes be a little – short, you know, and one of the things that I think is that we are all philosophers. Everybody who works from first principles, everyone who talks about nonviolence, we all are philosophers - and the one thing that's very true about philosophers is that they don’t get a lot of 'sugar,' they don't get a lot of love in their own time. It’s true - well OK, except for you, absolutely – you’re handing it out like candy and that's nice!

But we don't get a lot of that juice, don't get a lot of that love. Socrates got some hemlock, Spinoza was kicked out of his – everywhere… I mean - Ayn Rand, even now after being right for sixty years in a row, she still gets spat on by the main culture, so it is hard! Wouldn’t you say? I mean look, we've all faced it, you’ve all had difficulties at work, you’ve had difficulties in your relationships because of your commitment to ideals. That’s a hard thing to live with.

So – the one place that I go, when I sort of need to feel replenished and strengthened – I mean we have each other, for those of you who have people around (this is the beautiful thing about what's happening here) - but I kind of go into the future in my mind, because I think the world are trying to build, the world that we want to create, the world that we’re laying the foundations for that we may never live to see… I mean, I don't think that we’ll live to see it, maybe those of you who had great sex last night, there’s an egg and a sperm in there who may live to see it - maybe - but I don't think we’re going to live to see exactly the kind of world that we want - a world of statelessness, a world without war, a world without incarceration, a world without violence… I don't think we’re going to live to see it – but that's all the more heroic I think for us to try to build it even though we’re not going to live to see it.

So I go to the future. I think - I am so happy to live in a world without slavery in the way that it used to exist – I’m so happy to live in that world - and the first people who started talking about there being no slavery, were like us… And the first people who started talking about “women should be equal to men” were kind of like us, and they faced a lot of opposition, they faced a lot of skepticism – I mean the first guy who came up and said, “Blacks should be equal to whites,” was not a popular man or woman, and he faced a lot of opposition from everyone around him and the general culture spat on him a lot, and people thought he was crazy or mad or evil or bad - but we all take that stuff for granted now, and it's so impossible - you know - like moral change in the world, you stand below it and it looks like a cliff, it’s so high, a mountain so high that you can't get over it, you can get through it, you feel like you’re going to beat your head against the wall for the rest of your life and never make a dent…

But then a weird thing happens when the change occurs – when people get over that wall or they walk through that wall and then they look back, and it’s like there’s nothing there! It’s really strange…

Before the end of slavery, people said (and we’ve all heard these arguments before, right?) - people said: “You know, there’s never been a society without slavery, so… You point to me a society without slavery - you can't do it! You point to me a society where there’s equality for women, you can do it! You point to me a society where there is no government, and you can’t do it!” That’s all we hear!

Well because we can see it, it will be here! It will be here!

Because the vision is everything!

Without the vision there is no moral growth. We can't get over that mountain unless we see it so passionately and so powerfully that we can walk through that wall as if it is not even there – and then people will see that it isn’t there – that the barrier is only in the mind!

So if you go to the future - which is where I go to - I think of the people, 100 years, 150 years from now, and they’re going to look back at this gathering… Can you imagine how they’re going to look back at this gathering?

“So those crazy motherf*ckers, what the hell were they thinking? I mean - they have couple of hundred people and a microphone… Some drinks… And what are they looking at? They’re looking at nuclear weapons and prison systems and aircraft carriers and police and military… What are they thinking? What are they thinking, those crazy brave motherf*ckers – what are they thinking? How can they imagine taking it on? How could they imagine taking it on?”

But the imagination is everything…

And they look back to us, and they're gonna say - and this is what you need to hear, and this is what you need to remember, coming down from the future:


This is what we need to remember every morning when it gets hard, when we get tired, when we read the newspaper, and it’s like: nothing is f*cking changing… We need to remember that rolling down from the future, from the people who will live in the world that we’re only beginning to build - they are saying (as we say to everyone who came before us who built the world that we love to live in):


All right. So I’m going to tell you what I think they’re going to thank you for – and you need to remember this, because this is what I see... They’re going to thank you - the future is going to thank you - for your courage! Your courage – it is hard, hard, hard work – raising the moral standards of mankind is a hard f*cking slog, and it takes a lot of courage! It takes a lot of courage, because there's a lot of criticism, there's a lot of misunderstanding, there's a lot of fear that we face in those around us. When we shake the foundations of the moral universe that people live in, they freak out! They get frightened, they attack - and it takes a lot of courage, you know – we are all wired for social approval. We all want social approval, because if you didn't have social approval in the Stone Age, you couldn't even survive.

Studies have shown, you know, that people who experience social disapproval, it's almost indistinguishable from physical pain, within the brain.

That's what I mean by courage: that we have to fight against the natural conformity of our biological natures, to go against the tribe, against our immediate short-term interests for the sake of a beautiful world to come. That takes courage, and people are going to say, looking down through the lens of time, to this few, we few, we happy f*cking few:


They're gonna say - I think, they're gonna say, "Thank you, for your love. For your love."

Because, you know, there's a cheap kind of love in the world... And the cheap kind of love is like - welfare from the government. "Oh, there's poor people! Let's shovel some money at them", "Oh, there's some people we think should be better educated, let's shovel some schools at them." That's cheap love. That is pseudo-love. That is fake love.

The REAL love, is to stand for principles of non-violence, voluntary cooperation, and to love humanity enough, to KNOW, that if we set humanity free, the world can be BEAUTIFUL, the world can be a paradise, the world can be utopia!


People think that if you stop pointing guns at people, everything gets worse. But we know; we have a love of humanity, a trust in the soul and nature of man, that if we put down the guns, humanity… rises.

People think you put down the guns, humanity attacks. No! You put down the guns, people are liberated. They come up. They flower! Into beautiful, peaceful, wonderful communities.

Like this – like this!

So, they will say, "Thank you, for your true love of humanity enough to trust that if you put down the weapons, everybody will be beautiful."

It's true! They will thank us for our integrity. They will thank you for your integrity. That even though it's hard, that even though you face criticisms, even though people will REJECT you for what it is you're doing, that you're still holding true to the ideals of the north star... of non-aggression!

So simple! So simple! Stop using violence to get things done. It's so simple and so hard! They will thank us for our integrity!

Because - what we're doing, is brick by brick. So like brick by brick, we're just puttin' down these bricks. And the bricks are every time we have a conversation, every time we send someone to material that is valuable, every time we stand up to a bully, every time we stand up to an abuser, every time we help somebody who's been ground down - help them rediscover their humanity.

These are little “brick-by-bricks.” It's hard to see the whole cathedral of the future, that we're building. But it is a beautiful place that we are building. And, I would love - wouldn't you love - to just go forward 150 years, or a 100 years, and just SEE; SEE this world?

I see it in my mind's eye, it's so clear, I really do. I really do. A world - ah, dammit! A world without WAR! The eternal dream of humanity! Without WAR! Because we KNOW - we KNOW FOR A FACT - those of us who understand all of this (and everybody in this room is in that number) – we know that when you have no state, you have no war.

A world without prisons. A world without prisons! A world where people can interact in a peaceful way without fear of jail. A world where you can just walk up to a f*ckin' plane... and get on it! A plane!

A world where the money in your pocket today, is gonna be the money in your pocket tomorrow, and not some f*ckin' toilet paper you're embarrassed about!

So, I just wanted to point that out. This is something that I use. Because people sort of say to me, "Well, how can you remain so optimistic?" And, it's because I don't view the world around me as the standard of value that I'm bringing to the world. Because people, they don't want to be confronted with this stuff. Even if society slides into an ultimate shit-hole, they still don't want to be reminded of this stuff. It's like everyone would rather just go into that shit-hole, rather than wake up and see the basic reality of the society that they live in!

But I go - and I hope that you'll think about doing it too - I go to the future. And I think of everyone that I look back at, and admire, who has helped to build a world where what we're doing is even POSSIBLE! That's an incredible advancement, that what we're doing is even possible!

And so, think about the people in the future. The people whose peaceful, sunlit, happy, STATELESS, GUNLESS WORLD - and I mean "gunless" in terms of the STATIST guns - the world that we're building for these people, which we won't get to LIVE in, but is gonna be the most beautiful thing in the world, and it will never, ever go back! It will NEVER go back! We're not gonna have slavery back in the way that it used to be! Women are never gonna be subjugated in the way that they used to be, and once we get rid of the STATE, IT'S DONE!! FOREVER!!

This shit is not going to regrow! It is not going to come back! That's how IMPORTANT what it is we're doing! We're putting a NAIL in the COFFIN, a STAKE in the HEART of the greatest vampiric predator the world has ever known! That TAKES GUTS, AND WE'VE GOT IT!!!

And, this fight has been fought for thousands of years. But it is not gonna be thousands of years to come, because we're all together, we all know each other, we can all communicate with each other, the information can go out in a way that has never occurred before.

It took thousands of years to get here, but it's only dozens more to go. I genuinely believe that. And, for those of us who have kids, we know how important it is that we build a world that they can live in without the fears that we all grew up with; the fears of nuclear war, the fears of environmental depredations, so funded and driven by the state.

And this has been going on for a long time, this battle. We have an incredible propulsion mechanism in the communities, and the communications technology that we have at the moment, which is an incredible gift for us, as liberty activists.

I'm just gonna finish up by reminding you to visit the future, and to get the accolades that roll down from the future to us. They will! They will! Everybody in this room is gonna have a f*ckin' FREE PRIVATE SCHOOL NAMED AFTER THEM IN THE FUTURE!

So, I'm going to just end up by saying that - yeah, this battle's been going on for a long time. And it is a battle of good versus evil, there's no doubt about it. And - I'm going to close with a line from one of my favorite speeches in a movie - Morpheus:

"It has been a long time coming, but we are going to win. Because WE ARE STILL HERE!!!!”

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'The Eye of the Storm' - Gerald Celente on The Social Collapse of the West

Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, discusses why we are heading into the greatest recession,, the inevitability of war, and the uselessness of higher education.

Brought to you by Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web --

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Vegas Baby! Jeffrey Tucker on Freedomain Radio

Jeffrey Tucker of takes a short break from gambling and showgirls for a chat with Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio about his new book "It's a Jetson's World," and how the peace and freedom of the future will come to be.

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Unhinged Psychiatry - Freedomain Radio Interviews Dr. Daniel Carlat

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, interviews Dr. Daniel Carlat about his new book "Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry - A Doctor's Revelations about a Profession in Crisis"

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'Death in Afghanistan' - Stefan Molyneux on Television

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio - - and AVTM Contributor, Jake Diliberto join Adam to discuss the recent deaths of 5 U.S. soldiers in Iraq, the ongoing war in Afghanistan and the continue unrest across the Middle East.

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The First Casualty of War

A listener remix of a speech I gave in 2008, for Memorial Day. From Freedomain Radio -

Monday, May 16, 2011

Death By Drug War - Freedomain Radio Interviews Dr Jeffrey Miron of Harvard

Jeffrey Alan Miron is an American economist. He served as the chairman of the Department of Economics at Boston University from 1992 to 1998, and currently teaches at Harvard University, serving as a Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Harvard's Economics Department.

Miron is an outspoken consequentialist libertarian. He was one of the 166 economists to sign a letter to congressional leaders in opposition to the bailout plan put forth by the U.S. federal government in response to the global financial crisis of September--October 2008. He advocated that those companies that floundered during the crisis should be bankrupt instead of receiving government help. He has proposed three policy reforms to help the US economy recover from the financial crisis: cutting entitlements, freezing regulation, and replacing the existing tax code with a flat tax on consumption. Miron has also spoken out against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, arguing that it is economically unfeasible and will increase the US deficit; instead, he suggests limiting government intervention is the best way to lower overall health care costs and make health care accessible to the most amount of people. He has studied the effects of drug criminalization for fifteen years, and argues that all drugs should be legalized.

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'Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream' - Freedomain Rad...


Christopher Whalen is co-founder of Institutional Risk Analytics, a unit of Lord, Whalen LLC, the Los Angeles based provider of bank ratings, risk management tools and consulting services for auditors, regulators and financial professionals.

He leads IRA's risk advisory practice and consults for global companies on a variety of financial and regulatory issues.

Christopher is the author of the new book, "Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream."

Christopher currently edits The Institutional Risk Analyst, a weekly news report and commentary on significant developments in and around the global financial markets.

He also contributes articles on the Reuters and Zero Hedge web sites. Christopher has testified before the Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission on a range of financial and other issues.

Christopher is a Fellow of the Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University. He is a member of Professional Risk Managers International Association and volunteers as a member of the steering committee for PRMIA's Washington D.C. chapter. He was regional director of PRMIA's Washington D.C. chapter from 2006 through January 2010.

Christopher is a member of the Economic Advisory Committee of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Global Interdependence Center in Philadelphia.

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Capitalism, Materialism, Freedom and Death


The Freedomain Radio interview with Dr Corey Anton. Dr. Anton has presented numerous competitively selected papers at national and international conferences and has published dozens of scholarly articles in journals such as Communication Theory, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Human Studies, Semiotica, ETC, Bulletin of General Semantics, The Atlantic Journal of Communication, afterimage, Communication Studies, and The American Journal of Semiotics. He is a Past Chair and Program Planner for the Semiotics and Communication Division of NCA. Highly active in the Media Ecology Association, Anton is a trustee on the Board of Directors for the MEA and serves as the Editor for the journal Explorations in Media Ecology. Most recently Anton was named a Fellow of the International Communicology Institute, and a member of the Board of Trustees for the Institute of General Semantics

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o dear god in heaven there's going to be another election, yawnnnnn :o

Stefan Molyneux, host of of Freedomain Radio and Jeffrey Tucker, editorial vice president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, a think tank that espouses the Austrian School of economics, discuss current events. The anemic economic recovery, modern policing, the boredom of elections, and the hope of the internet.

Monday, May 02, 2011

The Truth About bin Laden

His death will not bring your freedoms back to life. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web.


So bin Laden has apparently been killed, and this is cause for mass celebrations, perhaps because people believe that the cycle of evil will end with this murder.

But governments don't solve the problem of evil, because governments always need an enemy to scare you with -- the Kaiser, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, drug dealers, terrorists, and so on and on.

But who is the enemy?

The death toll from American imperialism: more than 27,000,000 million people slaughtered worldwide.

Well, I guess 27,000,000 and one will make everything better now.

Even if we say that bin Laden needed to be captured or killed -- just look at the facts:

It took the US government 10 years, 2 wars, almost a million deaths, and over $1.1 trillion (interest and inflation not included) to kill one person.

This is the same person that the US trained, funded and armed to fight the Soviets in the 1980s. The same person that the Taliban offered to hand over almost a year before 9/11, as long as the US government provided objective evidence linking him to terrorism -- which the US failed to do, even after the Taliban warned Washington that bin Laden was going to strike the US.

After 9/11, the Taliban again offered to turn over bin Laden to a neutral country or the Court of Justice in The Hague, even without evidence. This offer was rejected.

And proof? Colin Powell promised it would be provided. It never was. The British government put together a 21-page dossier on bin Laden, but admitted that it would not amount to a prosecutable case in a court of law.

Remember when Saddam Hussein was captured? That was cause for celebration as well.

And what changed?

If killing bin Laden is a great victory, then wonderful, good job, give us our freedoms back. Cut the defense budget in half. Bring the troops home, because we're done.

What? That's not going to happen?

Then stop celebrating and wake up!

Friday, April 29, 2011

'Single Dad Laughing' - The Freedomain Radio Interview

Dan, one of the most popular fathers on the Internet, talks to Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio about peaceful parenting, raising children without aggression, and how many dads tragically break their own children.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Guns, Gods and Goodness - The Use and Abuse of Ethics

Why be good? Until we have an answer, all we will have is abuse. From Freedomain Radio --

There's this very tragic continuum in human thought wherein - in general - if somebody tends to be less religious, they tend to be more statist - like Communists are atheists, most socialists are agnostics and so on - whereas if somebody tends to be anti-state, then there is a tendency to be more religious.

I think this arises from the fundamental problem that society has which is: why should we obey those in authority? Why should we obey moral rules?

'The Lord, the Lord Jehovah, has given unto you these 15 -- oy -- 10, 10 Commandments for all to obey...'

Those who are more religious have the magic pixie dust called 'God' to sprinkle on their Commandments, to raise them from mere mortal rules to divine absolutes. Whereas those who don't believe in the magic dust of religion have to turn to the state and to physical aggression, to incarceration, to kidnapping, to imprisonment, in order to turn mere human rules into moral 'absolutes.'

So you kind of have to hold your nose; like if you're an atheist, you pretty much have to hang out with people who are very pro-state, and if you're anti-state then you have to hang out with people who are very religious - but neither of these approaches solves the basic problem of human morality.

Threatening somebody with supernatural punishment is merely verbal abuse, and it doesn't raise the truth status of any of the moral rules proposed. Whereas threatening people with kidnapping and incarceration is mere physical abuse - and also does not make any moral rules that are supported by such attacks any more valid.

It is really only philosophy that will solve this problem for us, and will give us reasonable and consistent and empirical arguments from first principles that will allow us to convince people to be virtuous rather than threatening them with random and destructive punishments if they fail to conform to fairly arbitrary rules. So the first thing we need to do is to understand that we don't have a good rational basis for social rules at the moment - that's real tragedy, something we all need to work to sort out, to figure out, to solve.

I've made my efforts in this direction with a free book called "Universally Preferable Behavior: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics." But until we recognize that we don't have a rational and philosophical basis for morality at the moment, we're forever going to be swinging between these two awful poles of the verbal abuse of religion and the physical abuse of statism.

But we don't have to - we can find a third rational peaceful way to have social rules without abuses - and I hope that you will continue to explore this incredibly fertile area in the realm of philosophy.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Adam vs the Man: Episode 6 with Stefan Molyneux!

Stefan Molyneux shows up as a complete ham at 8:50

Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: HAPPY TAX DAY! Or, is it Merry tax day? Time to take stock America - we made it until 1913 without the modern income tax - could we do without it? Tom Woods joins Adam to compare what the founders envisioned for funding the government to the monstrosity we have today. Adam also covers how the income tax, well, pretty much makes you a slave. If you get up early, work hard all day, and pay your taxes, you'll make it big in this country - right after you win the lottery. This, by the way, is just another tax for people who are bad at math.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio on New TV Show "Adam Versus the Man"

RT America Launches New Show, Hosted by Former US Marine, Adam Kokesh!

Starts April 11, 2011, 7pm EST, every night.

In the US, RT is available on cable in the metro areas of Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego as well as in North Carolina and South Carolina.

For more information go to

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Atlas Shrugged: The Freedomain Radio Movie Interview

Stefan Molyneux interviews Harmon Kaslow, a producer of the new movie 'Atlas Shrugged' Part 1 - From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web:

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Free Money from the Banksters! An Interview with Dr. George Selgin

Professor George Selgin explodes the myths of economic stability through central banking, races through the history of money, war and death in the 20th century, and flatly refuses to predict the future! :) From Freedomain Radio -- Sources: