Saturday, September 29, 2012

Remember When You Were Three?

Okay, well Stefan it's been lovely here with you today - if you've got any grand philosophy from the mind of the Molyneux, please share it with the listeners.

Well, I was reading this article the other day, it was called "8 Questions Philosophy Will Never Answer" - I'll leave your listeners with this - and people can of course go to; podcasts are all free, no ads, free books, the forum is free, and people can - you know, 10,000 people chatting about philosophy, I hope people will check it out.

But one of the things, one of the standards that philosophy was never supposed to penetrate was: "There's no such thing as a better morality, there's no such thing as the right morality." You know this is cultural relativism, you know, "Everyone has their own way of doing things, and your way is not necessarily the 'right' way, and you have to be tolerant of other people's different opinions," and so on.

And - it really provokes my inner child - because this is what we say to adults when adults want to stand up for something that is right and true and good, like: "Hey, let's stop pointing guns at each other as a species to get shit done! Let's just try that! Let's just - I mean - let's try it as a thought experiment! What if we didn't have a violent control over the instantaneous creation of generation-enslaving debt ass-wipe paper money? What if we didn't have a violent monopoly on that? What if we didn't have a violent monopoly on the endless indoctrination of children by the powers that be, on how necessary the powers that be are and how you can never ever grow up from being a child? You can never save for your own retirement, you can never decide for yourself who you're gonna help or what kind of charities are appropriate for you. You can't even decide whether people should go mow down innocent civilians in foreign countries in your name! Unthinkable, that you should ever have a conscience to follow your conscience in those areas. You're never allowed to grow up."

But this is what we say to people who are adults - we say: "Eh, morality is kind of relative, you know it's - you can't be imposing your moral systems on other people..." And this is how we get dissolved in the spineless needy dependent entitled jellyfish screeching for the state to throw us a few more crumbs from the masters table, rioting in the streets if our goodies are even remotely cut off, if there's one less piece of bread and one fewer Christian-eating lion circus to entertain us with.

But - but - and this is the big but - and people who remember their childhoods will know what I'm talking about here - that is not how morality was inflicted or imposed upon us when we were children.

I distinctly remember, if I had the urge to push another child and take his toy at the age of 3 or 4, the other child who got upset and went to the teacher was not told, "Well, you can't impose your system of property on him! Nothing really is good or bad, it's - you know, it's cultural, it's different. You know, you have to not impose your 'wanting to play with that toy' on him."

No! I was told: "Give the toy back. Don't take. Don't push. Don't take his lunch money. Don't take his lunch. Don't splash him! Don't throw sand in his face! Don't use violence, don't use bad words, don't call names!"

That's what I was taught as a child - and there was none of this cultural bullshit rings of Saturn fog around the essence of morality!

I was taught two basic things: Don't take other people's stuff, don't use force, don't lie, don't call names - and I think that's actually pretty true! I think that if we just went back to the good old 'stuff that's on the wall of the kindergarten,' and sort of said, "Well, maybe that stuff is actually pretty good! Maybe a respect for property rights, maybe a denial of slander, maybe honesty, maybe a rejection of the initiation of force - maybe these are things that aren't just good for 3-year-olds - which we tell them with complete and perfect absolutes, as perfect absolutes of: this is right, and it is wrong to go take another kid's toy and it is wrong to push him in the dirt, and it is wrong to kick him down. It's wrong to take his coat! Don't mess up his artwork, and don't pee in his boots!

Whatever it is that's going on, we say this to children with all the moral righteousness and absolutism of dear Yahweh himself handing down the 10 Commandments to Moses!

We are certain of it, we know it - and then, when those children grow up and they say, "Hey adults – remember all that shit you told me when I was a kid about not using force and not lying and not hurting others and not stealing from other people? What the hell is it with this goddamned currency? Are you kidding me? Why the hell are all these wars going on? Why the hell were my parents forced at gunpoint to pay for a school where I was instructed never to use force to get what you want? Are you kidding me? Is this some sort of weird Satreian existentialist wet fart of a bad joke? Are you kidding me? It's mad!"

So - what if we just take those moral inscriptions in the kindergarten - which I think are right and true and good (I've got a free book on ethics called "Universally Peferable Behavior: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics" - takes y'all through the deep steps of proving that kindergarten stuff) - what if we just said, "Hey, you know that shit that was absolute when we're 3, maybe it can be absolute when we're 30 or 35 or 55 for 95 - or, if we truly get the free society we want, 335, because that's how long we'll be living without all the bad shit is going on -maybe that stuff is true, and if it is true, what does society look like if nobody gets to use force legitimately? Nobody gets to initiate force legitimately? If nobody gets to taken anybody else's shit at gunpoint, and nobody gets to push you down in the mud or piss in your boots or steal your artwork? What if you are truly free - just as you were told to be free and let other people be free in kindergarten - what with the world look like?

My god, it would be paradise on earth - and we can achieve it.

We just need to stay true to what we were told when we were three.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

End the Fed!

My daughter falls down and gets owies. She doesn’t like them, and I explain to her that that’s sort of the point. She gets that now, she’s three. She says: “We like owies because they mean no more owies. Our bodies hurt us as a deterrent to doing dumb and self-destructive things. Like everyone under the age of 21 with a skateboard seems to have forgotten what wheels are kind of for, so they try to ride down railings and up stairs on skateboards. According to the YouTube videos I’ve watched, their bodies are repeatedly telling them to stop. There are probably some of you right here, now, in this very crowd – please listen – or don’t, perhaps I’m just too old…

Owies are very, very important. Outside of anaesthetics, anything that deadens pain is extremely dangerous. You don’t feel a burst appendix, you die. You don’t feel a toothache, you swallow poison and die.

Pain is our way of changing course, of saving ourselves from self-destruction. Getting rid of pain can seem like a good idea, but it’s really, really not.

The Federal Reserve – the Ponzi-scheme counterfeiting of money to enrich the politically connected at the expense of the poor, the weak, the old, and the sick – the Federal Reserve is a civilization-threatening drug.

Evil is costly – the initiation of force is expensive and risky. Violence makes enemies, starts turf wars, sickens the soul, kills love, ends lives…

What stops the growth of evil? The same thing that stops the growth of any sickness – pain, treatment and cure.

Evil is very, very expensive. War – the greatest evil – is staggeringly expensive. The Pentagon loses literally billions of dollars under its couches every single year. It uses a million bullets in to put just one bullet into another human being. War shreds economies, minds, hearts, relationships, health, wealth, freedom – war destroys civilizations.

What stops war? The same thing that stops any gambling addict – running out of money.

War is stopped only by poverty. When you cannot pay the soldiers, well - blessed become the peacemakers.

War is limited by economics, by costs, by the hard wall of hard currency.

Unless – unless war is - not free, but profitable…

This is where the Federal Reserve comes in.

Who pays for war? A defensive war, unprovoked and unavoidable, sure, we would all chip in for that. But a lying swaggering endless missile-hurling overseas mass murder?

To cover current government spending, taxes would have to be raised almost 60%.

We have wars and bailouts and untold bribery and tax cuts – paid for by what?

Who lends to a country hell bent on Empire? No one, because war and empire drain the treasury - look at England after the 2nd world war – ran out of money, and closed down the Empire.

Lend to warmongers, what will they pay you back with? Broken pottery? Bloodstained bodies? Bones? Dust? Lamentations?

War is not profitable, it is not a growth industry. It grows like a tumor grows, at the expense of life.

How, then, is it fed?

It is fed, by the Fed.

China has lend the US a little over a trillion dollars. The Federal Reserve has lend and created almost 7 trillion dollars.

7 trillion dollars – that’s 8 times the spending on the Iraq war – 12 times the spending in Afghanistan.

Over the last 6 years, there have been very few new taxes – even though total fiscal spending has risen nearly $1 trillion per year.

For the Federal Reserve creates the free money that makes evil profitable.

7 trillion dollars covers the bills for a lot of evil.

If there was truth in advertising, the Federal Reserve would have this slogan:

Free Evil!


The Federal Reserve: Turning Evil into Profits since 1913!

And is not just the overseas wars…

How long would the trillion dollar war on drugs last if everyone got a bill for enforcing it?

How long would 700+ military bases last if everyone got a bill for them? [finger snap]

So – what is the Fed relying on? How can letting the ultra-powerful type whatever they want into their own bank accounts possibly last?

The short answer is, it can’t. History is littered with the dry bones of hundreds of paper currencies – not backed by gold, or commodities, or anything more real than the vampiric promises of politicians.

But – how is it lasting?

It lasts because we do not love our children enough.

To avoid change, to avoid conflict, to avoid the peaceful revolution of real money, we are sacrificing our children. The children in pigtails, the children in the crib, the children in the womb – even the children who are as yet just a gleam in their daddy’s eyes.

We are Aztecs.

Our children’s futures are being sold on the auction block, to the highest bidder, to avoid conflict and virtue in the here and now.

Their futures have become “futures.”

They will be taxed at 60, 70, 80 percent or more to pay for this grand canyon of debt – and it will not be enough, it will never be enough, for the Lords of the New Serfs are insatiable my friends. Zombies get their fill and wander off. There is no logical end to the escalation of human greed save gulags, leg irons and mushroom clouds.

If a corporation were diluting baby food to the point where babies were starving to death, would we not act? If there was poison in the water that wrecked their livers and brains, would we not act?

Their futures are being eviscerated, but we do not act.

Paper money dilutes our responses, dulls our outrage, stokes our resentment against those who cry out for action, for exposure, for truth! “Gold bugs,” we call them. “Conspiracy theorists.” “Paultards.”

You can always tell the pioneers, not by the tans on their faces, but by the arrows in their backs.

Half the world is producing, and half the world is stealing. They steal through inflation, through debt, through public sector pensions and “free” health care and military industrial contracts and government bonds.

But they are not stealing the most from us – that is the greatest horror. They slither like ghosts into the crib and chain up the children, stamp and own them, sell their futures, their lives, all the productive joys of their future selves. A 30 year bond is a 30 year chain.

And yet we doze on, and do not act, because the pain of this horror is kept from us. We are drugged by easy money and soft living, by State power that only seems benevolent because the bill is still in the mail, by propaganda and distractions and the easy self-deceptions of the guilty.

I do not call for a revolution, since that relies on new values. I ask only for integrity, consistency with the lessons of our youth. Do not force others to suffer for your mistakes. Do not spend what you do not have. Don’t take other people’s lunch money. Do not sell people.

Let’s get back to the days before money grew on trees, or magically sprouted from keyboards, but had to be earned.

Money must be limited, for unlimited money is unlimited evil.

Let the price of injustice accrue to those committing it.

End war. End serfdom. End child slavery.

End the Fed.